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SHOE WEES piggies are a fun way to reduce odor and moisture in the shoes of the whole family- no matter the activity! Our products fit shoes, boots, braces, ski boots, cleats, ice skates, and can be used in bags or other places odors tend to linger!

Inspired by our sweet, baby girls who - as little bitties - had the stinkiest feet of them all!

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Toddlers have stinky shoes too

We looked everywhere for a tiny shoe insert. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. We settled for stinky feet. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to put chemicals on or near those sweet, sweaty piggies!

Stinky Shoe Companions

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By the time their shoes were big enough for standard inserts, we caved. We bought the plain ole grey ones. Guess how excited our girls were to put those in their shoes each night? We needed something that she could get excited about. Thus- the concept was born! Now we have them for every shoe in our home!

Your piggies keep your shoes company all day- getting them nice and stinky!

SHOE WEES piggies keep your shoes company after you kick them off!